All of the ASPECS data products are publicly available at the following repository accessible here:

Link to the tables that contain the properties of the ASPECS-LP sources. Different tables are provided for the CO-selected and dust continuum-selected sources, as well as a separate analysis of their multi-line data. An accompanying index table is provided to cross match between the different samples as well as to external catalogs. Each table is provided in fits and ASCII format and is accompanied by a plain-text readme describing its contents and the appropriate references. Please consult the global README.txt as well as the individual readme files for more information, or contact Leindert Boogaard (boogaard [at]

Index table readme | dat | fits
Band 3 CO selected sample (2019) readme | dat | fits
Band 6 dust continuum selected sample primary (2020) readme | dat | fits
Band 6 dust continuum selected sample faint (2020) readme | dat | fits
Multi-line data (Boogaard et al. 2020)  readme | dat | fits